On March 7, 2015 David and I lost our first born son. I was just about 39 weeks along and had zero complications or warning signs during my pregnancy. In the span of 3 hours I went from a mother-to-be feeling her first contractions to a mother mourning her first child. Dave and I never got any real answers and upon researching stillbirths, we came to find that most moms and dads never do. The one thing we were certain of was that we were not going to be able to survive this alone. We were fortunate enough to have family, friends and a community behind us and still we felt at times that life kept getting in the way of us being able to grieve properly. Forever My Angel was born out of the struggles we faced and wanting to ensure that future parents are able to mourn their child without worrying about daily obligations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide logistical services to Jewish individuals and families affected by stillbirths. This includes, but is not limited to, helping to plan for the days ahead; introductions to various religious and medical professionals who can be helpful with developing a path forward; and logistical help with daily obligations thereby allowing parents time and mental energy to grieve.